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Hello Beautiful,

I've always had a deep desire to help people. To be a light. To spread kindness and love. As a highly sensitive and empathic child, at times I struggled to cope with the intensity of my emotions. I didn't know it at the time, but the reason I would feel so deeply is because I was (and still am) clairsentient, meaning I could feel the emotions and experiences of others as if I was them. I could not differentiate between what was mine, and what wasn't. I learned very quickly that my sensitivity was not seen as a super power but rather a liability. Through my childhood conditioning I learned how to shut down my emotional response and became very tough/masculine.


Throughout my life I have experienced life altering trauma, heart ache, toxic codependency & narcissistic abuse that left me with little self esteem.  I spent decades reliving the trauma and abuse because I lacked the valuable coping skills & knowledge I have today. In my desperate attempt to relieve the pain, I resorted to a path of emotional avoidance, repression and unconscious living. I was disconnected from my truth & most authentic self. I was living in my shadow. My life was chaos.  I partied heavily with drugs & alcohol to numb myself and in the process I had cut myself off from my spiritual gifts. I abused myself for many years and for a period of my life I was the toxic one in my relationships.

It wasn't until I became pregnant with my daughter that I would be reunited with my divine life purpose and spiritual gifts. My entire pregnancy I had horrifying night terrors from things I had repressed, denied and avoided for decades. There was no where left to run or hide. It was an extremely painful but necessary experience that began to crack my heart open & allow healing to begin.  Motherhood was my initiation to remembering who & what I was at a soul level. It was a complete death of who I was. I experienced an intense spiritual awakening followed by: a traumatic birth, post partum depression, a torn ACL & then the pandemic hit. It was a dark time from which a bright light was ignited within that would lead me to my divine life purpose.

I was guided to my life coaching & energy healing programs where I was able to begin the process of excavating deep seeded patterns of thoughts & behaviors that had plagued me for as long as I could remember. I dug deep to get to the core of why I was the way I was & how I could heal it. Through this process I experienced profound breakthroughs & an identity transformation. I went from extremely depressed & anxious to curious, compassionate & grounded. I was able to heal lifetimes of trauma, toxic codependent behaviors, low self esteem, and found my way back to myself.


I am just like you. I still have bad days, I struggle and at times feel lost. I am by no means "all better now". None of us are above the work. I have my own coaches & healer to help support me in my continued growth & development. This is not a quick fix type of situation. Healing is a journey, not a destination. Through working with me you will become stronger in every way & develop a mindset that is unshakeable in the face of inevitable challenges & setbacks!

My mission is to activate women to step into their power so they can fulfill their divine life purpose. I was sent here to activate, heal and impact over 1 million women world wide. To create a ripple of empowered women that lift one another up and shine as brightly as they can. I'm not here to convert or convince anyone that they should work with me or believe what I believe. I am not the "healer" but rather a conduit for the healing energy to channel through. I am merely a guide and a witness to the healing that takes place through the creator of all that is. I am extremely blessed, honored, and humbled to be where I am today. It wasn't without many tears and sleepless nights but I LOVE what I do and I love the people I serve.

Sending you all the love to light your way, 

Xo  Kate

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