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Exclusive Services

The following services are customizable & tailored to meet your needs. A single session with me is enough to provide you with a complete breakthrough & mindset transformation! My signature container lasts at 4-12 weeks. This is meant for clients who are making deep & profound changes in their personal lives & business & require ongoing weekly support.

1/1 Coaching & Healing Session's

Book a 30, 60, or 90 minute session where we will dive deep into a specific area or issue you'd like support in shifting. Each session is a sacred container for personal growth & transformation. You will leave this experience feeling physically lighter, empowered & clear about where you're going & why.

30 minutes $145

60 minutes $185

90 minutes $222


1/1 Reiki Healing Session's

Book a 45 or 60 minute Reiki energy healing session that focuses solely on opening & balancing your chakras & meridian system. This is a holistic service that supports your mental, physical, and spiritual well being. You will be guided into a meditative state where deep energetic healing will occur. Think of this as a deep tissue massage for your soul.

45 minutes $145

60 minutes $165


Retreats | Workshops | Masterclasses

Book me for you next retreat as a life coach & master energy healer. Message me for pricing as each container is different! 

Workshops/Masterclasses TBA. I will be updating my page as I begin to release the latest workshops & masterclasses. They will all be at an affordable rate. These classes are meant to help you accelerate your growth in your life & business. 


Join My Free Facebook Group

Are you a female entrepreneur, aspiring energy healer or just interested in learning more about all things energy, mindset & personal development? Then click the link below and join my free Facebook community. Come meet women like you who are on a path of growth & expansion. I look forward to meeting you there!

Let's Work Together

I only work with clients who are 100% in alignment energetically & who are ready and willing to invest in their personal & spiritual growth. 

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